Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Old Bad Breaks Improved by Dividing

I stopped blogging quite a while ago. Partly because I cooked up long articles about Atom-based services with RDF payloads in my head that never got written down (I shall get back to this). Partly because I use this "convert newlines to breaks" in blogspot. If I turned it off, I hadto edit all my old posts. Simple in itself, but I couldn't bear touching those old "modified" times.

So all my posts became these horribly formatted blocks of old, stale, ill-parsable html.

I don't care anymore. I'll use this to post random stuff, and put proper articles (if any) at or And in a couple of decades from now, move my blogging to a a construct of my own, full of Atom-based services with RDF payloads.

Oh. Just-in-Time Update: Switching to edit-mode in the blogspot editor I just realize that there are no horrible little bloody breaks anymore. They are div:s now! Perhaps they could even become p:s. Nice! Thank you blogspot/google people! Then I don't have to move, since apart from RDF payloads, all Google services are indeed Atom-based (RSS 2.0 too, but I don't care for that).

(Thus I shall "soon" attempt to post from Vim to here, possibly with the python-based GData stuff I haven't been using for anything productive yet. Or some of the other TODO:s that clog my creative pipe far too often.)

Now for another post, possibly with some useful content in it as well.

Out-of-Sync Update: Typically, those pesky breaks still show up. Well, at least they are funnily isolated in div:s too..

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