Sunday, October 07, 2007

Out To Transmogrify Resource Descriptions

Finally, I've bundled another release of Oort. And OortPub! I've modularized the package into two Eggs, separating the core O/R things from the (experimental) WSGI web stuff.

At the cheeseshop you'll now find them both, at
respectively. I did this not the least since the core Oort package is very useful on its own, in conjunction with other tools altogether. I've used it for a lot of stuff lately, none of which involved OortPub. Check out e.g. the QueryContext for some new features..

I hope this will become useful to others as well.

The website got a little overhaul as well, to reflect this change, and to include some more documentation (not so much more yet, but the basic stuff is in place). Oh, by the way, it's generated using Oort objects (among other things like Genshi, ReStructuredText, google-code-prettify and of course RDFLib).


Yak said...

But where are the round corners!? You are not web 2.0! It has to have the ROUND CORNERS!

Jocke said...

Dear Niklas,

Thine yak must be very hairy by now. Please shine him for he is your destiny.

Oh, and happy b-day! :-)

Anonymous said...

U r the keeper of the yak. It is hairy. It must be shaved. U r the yak shaver. The yak shaver is yak shaving.