Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lurking Beneath

Squid will have dominion of the earth one day. Unless they already do, hiding like spineless (but definitely not gutless) ancient gods down in the depths of the ocean.

Only seven meters, and that stare is probably just 'cause it's cold.

The enormous squid it appears!!

Humboldt Squids - *not* your friendly neighbourhood cephalopods.

I guess with all those arms you're bound to get it..

A classic.

Tiny beacons of hope? Or just some baby demons.

Strolling about with my new dress..

I guess a spine will only get you so far..

Not content staying on the ground?

I'm sure this fella wasn't on the planet yesterday.

Now make sure your tap is tightly closed; these things can get through pretty tiny pipes I guess. They're likely sending out evil dreams of worlds incomprehensible by telepathy too, so try to avoid the murkier parts of your nightmares..

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