Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From Curry to Caml

I think I've suspended/ditched my Haskell courtship for now. It was nice to bend my brain a little, but I just never saw that "oh, this is where I will use what's-its-name to great effect". I'm trying to be pragmatic when it comes to coding I guess (or just non-theoretic and impatient perhaps — still I keep calling myself a "holistic pragmatic"). Still looking for some functional fetish though, I went straight to OCaml. I must say that there is a definitive attraction.. I didn't see it the first time around (quickly scanning through parts of the unison code), but perhaps the excursion to Haskell brought me the mindset I needed to appreciate it more.

I find this tutorial quite nice, and with a decent amount of humor.

It's way too early to say how deep I will dive though. Maybe pycaml could be an interesting path to walk..

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