Friday, October 24, 2008

Gnostic Nihilism

Here's my take on it. God actually exists. It's the world that doesn't. It's just that when you leave a being like that all alone in nothingness for an eternity, it starts to dream up all sorts of amazing and insane things.

Or to put it in mathematical terms (incidentally also being my unbound alternative to "42" for half my life):
0 * oo = x, where 0 < x < oo.
("oo" is for 𝌺, i.e. "eternity", of course.)

Take that you goddamn realists! I laugh in your general direction! Ha. Ha I say.

If you nevertheless find a discrepancy in my flawless argument, I'd gather you're just cheating by using rationality. How gnostic is that? I suppose next you're going to argue that there is logical truth in empirical facts.