Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Mind must Become be4 it can Go

Now, I do not understand why the Web 4.0 page at Wikipedia has been protected to prevent creation. It is the fear of the machine? Because as everyone must know, Web 4.0 is the peak of our civilization, when mankind will unite in celebration, marvelling at our own magnificence as we give birth to AI. The Web at 4.0 will also affectionately be known as "Web H4L", to honor its predecessor, born on January 12, 1997 at the HAL Plant in Urbana, Illinois.


Yakmaster said...

Interesting idea. But how does this relate to yak shaving?

Niklas said...

Good question. I suppose most forms of AI development more or less qualifies as yak shaving, as the amount of intellectual effort poured into its becoming could very well be directly applied to the problems the resulting AI is supposed to solve. Indeed, given the succinct definition you linked to, the science of AI almost seems as the ultimate form of yak shaving.

Vivienne said...

Well written article.