Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brave New World

[I wrote this little silliness more than a year ago. Didn't find an appropriate time to post it (it served mostly as critique of the computerized semantics I usually like so much). Now, with Sweden (where I live) on the brink of legalizing a little Echelon of our own (or their own, as it were), it seems as good a time as any.]

.. Sometimes I wonder if what we do is just a fancy way of digging our own graves.

Echelon> Event 116822052.26#113967:
Instant Message detected: thinking.. done (in 0.032 ms).
Storing inferred knowledge as:
[ foaf:mbox_sha1sum "286e3265...";
emo:likes <urn:bbdb:1997:python> ].
in context:
a :NLPResult;
:timestamp 116822052.26032;
:trustability 0.681132 .
Done. Running ruleset..
- No known subject for:
foaf:mbox_sha1sum with "286e3265..."
, using BNode _:a21c3dd723ffe39
(subject of 31102 previous facts).
- rdf:type foaf:Person inferred for _:a21c3dd723ffe39.
- No unknown knowledge gained. Done.
- increasing likability of <urn:bbdb:1997:python> .
- increasing demand of <urn:bbdb:2006:ironpython> .
- increasing threat of <urn:bbdb:1998:opensource> .
Backtrack threshold at 1337
- refactoring reasoner dependencies.. Done.
Done (passed through 4211 reasoners).
Done (in 0.11 ms).

Echelon> System Update:
"Owner Change. Renaming."
Done (in 0.002 ms).


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