Saturday, December 23, 2006

It Didn't End at Betelgeuse

Since I'm not in space (well..), I guess my screams can be heard. Looking at this relative size comparison of celestial bodies, I find it quite sublime when Betelgeuse zooms into view. Then at the end, staring in disbelief at the Cephei gargantuans, I feel something of the numbness of overloaded awe.

By means of Wikipedia it seems at least the Cephei stars produce carbon at the end of their cycle. Then they will eventually fall into themselves becoming a very much present nil in space. Habitat of outer cephalopods and whatnot. Since they are carbon progenitors, such things were probably also our own primordial origin, sickenlingly long ago.

I like awe. Without it, how can one have a clue?

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