Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Whisky Pasting Space Clouds

My spirits somewhat rekindled by this nice presentation about WSGI, Paste and Pylons, I finally undertook the actually easy task of switching from CherryPy to a pure Paste-utilizing WSGI. Why? What? Last things first: Oort, as previously mentioned, is a little web toolkit for building RDF-driven web apps. It has a very specific scope, and thus the why-answer is: because it's better suited as a small WSGI-thing composable with whatever else you want to build legac* ehrm, regular web apps with. So go ahead and publish your RDF Graphs (I'm sure you have an abundance of them) with Oort, right among your other object branches in CherryPy, or mod_python, or among the URLs of a Pylons app, or whatever.

WSGI is a really neat thing, being so simple (to use) as it is. Same goes for RDF, in my opinion, but that's another rant. (A quite reoccurring one at that, if you happen to know me..)

Oh, where is Oort, you may ask? I finally put it up for display at the CheeseShop tonight. Like so many other things, it's alpha software and all. It is used for real work though. Next thing could be a little how-to (and why not a nice logo..).

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